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One month…

30 Mar

Alex was born a little over a month ago. No real time to blog these days — she’s a high need child — always wanting to be held and cuddled with. (I don’t mind except when I have to go to the bathroom and eat and such…) I know this will pass with the end of the ‘4th trimester’. The birth went ok. I will probably post more on our experiences when I have a free hand later. We were upset, though, that the hospital fed kiddo formula from the get-go without our approval. I mean you wouldn’t give a kid medicine without parents approving, food should be nothing else. This of course means that I have been 5 days behind on milk production as we had to teach Alex how to resuck after being exposed all too early to the rubber nipple. This has been the hardest thing about being a parent — fighting the system to ensure that my baby can finally be 100% breastfed. (We still unfortunately need to supplement a little even though I am against it — Alex needs to gain more weight.) Wish I could sue the hospital. Will definitely send them a bill for the lactation consultant and the breast pump rental. It’ll at least make me feel better. Hope to post more pics etc one day!  And for those of you who are parents, please please tell me that it gets better! 


Our little squawker…

6 Mar

Alexandra (Alex) Anne was born last Monday, February 25. We have now entered into the realm of sleepless nights, endless diapers and gas pains! 


 Alex sleeping