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Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

Happy Halloween!

Here’s our ‘little pumpkin’.


Favorite campaign videos…

27 Oct

So many things are so crazy in our lives right now that I seem to have become an election junkie to keep my mind busy… (May also be because I majored in poli-sci as an undergrad…)

This election is so amazing. Least of which for the plethora of videos and blogs dedicated to it.

So far here are my all-time favorite campaign videos. I love the Japanese & Russian videos because they make me really nostalgic for the times when I lived in those countries. And I have been so taken with Biden recently. (When he mentioned his family during the VP debate, I actually teared up.)

Obama is beautiful world. (Alex loves dancing to this song!)

Damon Weaver interviews Joe Biden. Watch Joe tell Damon what a VP does (Imagine, a VP candidate who actually knows!)

Song For Sarah. Sung by 2 Russians…

Shades of gray…

19 Oct

The racial politics of this presidential race are truly distressing. When I hear about the racial epithets hurled at McCain/Palin rallies toward Obama and the prejudiced comments of the people who attend those rallies, it really upsets me.

Here’s my question. Why can’t people see through color and look at a person for who he or she is? Sure, Obama looks black, but he’s actually biracial — the product of a white mother and an African father. I can’t think of a better person to best represent the ethnic diversity that is part and parcel of the American experience. In his book Dreams of My Father, Obama explores what his background and upbringing have meant to him. This book, written long before he became a US Senator, is an honest and poetic look at feelings about identity.

When I look at Obama I don’t see color. I see an intelligent man who is willing to take on one of the hardest jobs in the world to make this a better place for us all.

While Obama has openly explored his identity, his opponent, John McCain hasn’t. McCain’s family owned slaves. He has black relatives. Every year the McCain family has an interracialĀ family reunion in Teoc, Mississippi which McCain’s own brother, Joe attends.

Why then, allow race to enter into his campaign? Is McCain so afraid of where he’s come from? Why can’t he own his background?

There’s no debating…

16 Oct

Obama won hands down. His final remarks were about the American people not a ‘woe is me’ I’ve served for my country stump speech.

Even Fox News called the debate in favor of Obama.

For those of you with time on your hands, here’s a fun website (and hopefully something that will never ever ever become reality)… Run your mouse over the different things in the office…

Freudian Slip….

6 Oct

The other day while traveling, I saw a McCain/Palin sign. When I pointed it out to Doug, I accidentally said,

“Oh look, there’s a McAilin sign guess we must be back in conservative territory.

Even though it was a freudian slip. my gaff sure made a lot of sense to both of us. Our now new name for the conservative duo kinda reminds me of an old happy meal that makes you sick to your stomach.