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15,000 hits…

23 Jun

Thanks to all of you for reading my blog. I just wanted to post that one of my tutorials, The Sakura Brothers – Amigurumi Tutorial #1 for Knitters, has now reached more than 15,000 hits! Amazing that so many people have read and linked to this post.

Promise that when I have time I’ll update my post on how to make amigurumi shapes and post a pattern or two.



13 Jun

I just read this article about the Japanese government setting guidelines for what is an appropriate waistline measurement and what is not.

Apparently, in an effort to decrease obesity-related diseases, or me-ta-bo for short, the government is making waist measurements mandatory. Fining companies that have employees that don’t comply.

Even though I think it’s great to have people think more carefully about their weight as it pertains to their health, it seems to be going a bit to far to have such strict rules about what is obese and what isn’t. I could totally see this turning into a nation-wide push for thinness that may lead to a greater amount of cases of anorexia. All too often my super thin Japanese students would tell me how overweight they were.

Also, what about people who are just naturally a little heavier and/or who have medical conditions that warrant the use of steroids/medications that are known to cause weight gain? I had several young students who were just naturally curvy. Who has the right to say that they have to lose weight? It all seems so unfair.

I’d love to hear how you weigh in on this issue.

Identity Theft?

13 Jun

Three times this week I’ve been asked…

How are you doing?

To which I’ve replied…

We’re fine (colicky, teething, etc…)

It’s official… I’ve gone from me to we.

Prices of things…

11 Jun

We’re apartment hunting and I can’t get over just how expensive things are in LA. Two bedroom apartments that look terrible are going for over $1300 per month. Gas prices have skyrocketed in the past 2 weeks from $3.79/gallon to $4.50/gallon. And, of course, the public transportation system is so iffy here that we have to drive almost everywhere (one of the things I really miss about the westside, in fact).

What price woes matter to you these days???

Bless & Curse

5 Jun

To the nice African-American lady (who has had 8 kids) that I met in the CVS pharmacy the other day:

Bless you! Thank you so much for affirming that my howling child is not being abused. Is not sick. Is not injured. Yes, she was just throwing a tantrum the likes of which many parents probably have never seen.

I want to hug you.

To the pharmacist who also has a 3 month old & kept saying that something was wrong:

You are lucky your kid doesn’t scream. But that’s not my child. She’s loud. She has a strong personality. She hates being in the stroller. Stop judging me.

I so wish I could bitch-slap you.