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7 Jun
Alex and Jonathan

Alex and Jonathan


Happy Birthday, Little One!

26 Feb

Alex is a whole year old today. Wow!


How time flies!


Home safe and sound…

8 Dec

Thanks so much for all of your nice comments about Alex. She did just fine during surgery — she is such a trooper. Doug and I were the ones who I think had a tougher time.

The morning of surgery — around 4 AM –I thought Alex would be grumpy having been woken up early and without food. But she seemed really excited — like she was going on a trip. It was only a little before surgery (around 7AM) that she started to get a little fussy. Luckily they give her a sedative before taking her into the OR, so she soon forgot all about being grumpy. The surgery was about 3 hours long. Doug and I walked down the street for breakfast with a hospital beeper and then returned to wait for only about 90 minutes or so. We were then taken upstairs to wait for Alex while they were doing post-op stuff on her. At one point we heard a crying baby down the hall. We popped our head out of the door and there was Alex being wheeled into recovery. We totally knew her cry from so far away! We stayed in recovery for a long time waiting for a bed in the post-op ward. Luckily Alex was a little sleepy and out of it. It was just hard for us to sit there. It was strange but during this whole process I was unable to cry or let myself feel anything. I noticed that I had to detach from the situation in order to be strong and only cried once we were in recovery.

Alex slept a lot in the hospital which is good considering we had to share a room with a little boy who had just had brain surgery and who cried all night long. (Poor little thing, I felt so badly for both him and his mom…) Two days after coming home, Alex was rolling around on the floor and talking. Then…

She got the flu. Not just any old flu but that terrible one that is making the rounds of all the playgroups and pre-schools. The vomiting-nausea-diarrhea one. First it struck Doug the day after we got home. He recovered pretty quickly — was feeling better in 3 days. Then Alex got it the Sunday after her operation. I knew after she spent the morning getting sick all over me that it was just a matter of time before I’d get it. We spent most of Sunday in the ER. They didn’t do anything for us and we wound up back two days later because Alex wasn’t able to eat or drink anything. By this time I had gotten the flu. So, one week exactly after her surgery we were back in the hospital. We we admitted for observation. I stayed with Alex because Doug had to work. Luckily we had our own room. We were released the next day and by Saturday after Thanksgiving our little one was starting to eat again.

It’s been a long couple of weeks…

alex-presurgAlex & Doug pre-surgery

katiealexAlex & Mama post-surgery

alex-maskAlex post-surgery. She insisted on holding her own oxygen mask.

And some not-so-great news…

17 Nov

I have been putting off writing about this, but little Alex has a kidney condition and will undergo an operation this coming Tuesday. Luckily both her kidneys are working well, she just has a partial obstruction of one of her ureters (the tubes going from the kidney to the bladder). It’s a fairly simple procedure as far as they go, but still a major operation.

Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

Happy Halloween!

Here’s our ‘little pumpkin’.

Our Cutie…

2 Sep

Alex at pool — 24 weeks

So Sleepy…

1 Sep

So the past 6 weeks have been pretty much of a blur. Doug and I moved to the burbs (well, in truth, isn’t all of LA a suburb???). I’d love to say the move went smoothly, but the day after we had the movers move the big stuff, I cut my hand with a utility knife accidentally and needed to have 5 stitches. (I have a pic, kinda gruesome, so I thought I’d forgo posting it).

Now kiddo’s decided that she’s going to wake up all the time. So for about 3 weeks in a row she woke up every hour. Not out of hunger. Probably teething related and maybe even related to moving. She’s a little better — getting up only a few times a night, but still. One of our saving graces before the move was that kiddo would sleep for 4-5 hour stretches at a time.

Would love to say that there is a lot that is exciting happening but basically for the past few weeks it’s been trying to catnap while kiddo sleeps and slowly unpacking and organizing our new place.

Now it’s off to bed…