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Just Hanging

28 Aug

Things have been so topsy-turvy (maybe that should be the title of this blog) these days that it’s just nice to enjoy the really peaceful and quiet moments.

I went back to work part-time training ESL teachers to teach. I’ll be doing it every other month for the next few months. It’s nice to work but teaching really drains me and I remember now why I love writing and why I wanted to give up teaching.

Kiddo turned 18 months this week — hard to imagine! Wish I had a decent camera to take a good picture of her!

I just keep thinking that each moment in the moment feels so wonderful. Who cares what the future will bring because now is pretty darn cool!


Is it just me???

11 Aug

Time just seems to slip by these days. Just had the thought today of how ironic we have the expression of ‘having time’ when it’s such an intangible and elusive concept.