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Still here….

13 May

Nope, haven’t forsaken the blog yet. I guess most of us go through a period of time when we either get too busy or overwhelmed to update regularly. That’s me!

Thanks for the nice comments from some of you. I would love to post patterns and such, and hopefully will someday. Right now if I can get more than 30 minutes of time on the computer a day, I’m really lucky.

Things have been really strange lately. I guess this past year has been both wonderful and sad at the same time. Recently I lost one of my dear uncles. His wife had passed away only 8 months earlier. It’s not only sad for me, but I really think about my cousins a lot and about how hard it must be to lose both parents in 8 months. They were a really close family who had been through a lot of hard times but my uncle and aunt were all about loving others and showed their kindness to their family in subtle but powerful ways.

We’ve also been perpetually sick here in the burbs. I think the last day I felt totally fine was about 3 weeks ago… Ah well…

Hopefully I’ll be able to post some fun and positive things fairly soon. Can’t believe I haven’t posted a FO for over a year (even though I have pics of some…)

Our Strawberry Monster

Our Strawberry Monster