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17 Jul


Yes, it’s official. We got a diagnosis from the pediatrician the other day regarding Alex’s tantrums. It’s just who she is. When she’s happy, she’s the happiest baby in the world. When she’s overstimulated, well, she makes her presence known.

The pediatrician told us that we were doing well handling Alex, though. So seldom do we hear that! (Strangers have a way of saying the most obnoxious things to us…)

What’s been the most obnoxious thing a stranger has said to you??? (Could be about your kid or anything else…)

BTW, here’s kiddo at 19 weeks. Can’t believe she’s already 20 weeks old!


From underemployed bohemian….

9 Jul

To suburban stay-at-home-mom.

It will be official beginning next week. I’ll be a suburban housewife. We’re moving to a more residential area where we’ll have a cooler, larger place. We’ll be able to walk outdoors in any direction in the evenings without having to worry about gangs. We can park our car in a garage; grill, hang laundry to dry and plant stuff in a small backyard.

Right now I’m experiencing greater culture shock than when I moved from Japan to the States. Not only will I be farther away from the ocean (I feel my pores drying and cracking with just the thought of moving further inland!) but it’ll be the first time since 1993 where I won’t be within walking distance to a cool cafe.

Good thing that I’m trying to save money by drinking java at home!