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Running Around (in circles, it seems)

28 Aug

Well, it’s less than a week before I can change the marital status box on my income taxes. Whew, how do people who have large weddings do this? Anyway, this past week’s been spent catching up on work so I can take off 3 weeks, cleaning the apartment (the closets were too full to shove things into them, so I actually had to break down and spend 2 days organizing so that when relatives come over they aren’t sitting in piles of yarn, clothes and DVDs).

Now it’s just confirming things with people — caterer, officiant, florist, dressmaker, baker — and putting together our decorations. Since this is a mostly DIY wedding, we’re making up our centerpieces ourselves (silver terracotta pots with lavender from the farmer’s market), our favors (lavender guest soaps), candles (water candles). So this week I will be making bows galore and spray painting.

Thank you all for your supportive comments in my last posting about the wedding!

Oh, and when I get a free moment or two this week or maybe next right after the wedding, keep your eyes out for a contest…


Stoned Architect

16 Aug

I’m certain that the people who designed apartments in California during the 1960s were on drugs. Not only are there psychedelic touches here and there on the trim of many of these buildings, but they were often created with little or no thought to the fact that people will actually have to live in them.

Case in point — our current abode.

The genius who came up with the plan for this place never took into account the fact that, yes, Pasadena gets super hot in the summer and, especially at night, near-freezing in the winter. The placement of the walls ensure that there is no way for a breeze to penetrate the bedroom in the back of the apartment (which also happens to catch the full afternoon sun). They then decided to install Hawaiian windows — those thin horizontal glass panes that, when open, cut off a large part of the breeze, and, of course, when closed (this being a loose term, they never really close fully) let in drafts of cold air.

There’s also the kitchen. It’s made for giants. Granted I’m not tall, but I can only barely reach the lower shelf of the cabinets. It’s frustrating having to ask Doug to reach up for the simplest thing or climb on a chair to get something down. Of course, tall people aren’t immune to this design flaw either — the door is at just the right height to bang Doug in the head every time it doesn’t latch (which is often, as it happens to be).

Then there’s the bathroom. There is only a sliver of a medicine chest and the sink slopes downward causing anything sitting on it to occasionally slide off. When we got a set of shelves to go behind the toilet, we also found out that the floor is slanted — 16 inches of shelf width meant that there was a 1/2 inch difference in the slope of the floor.

None of the corners in the apartment are perpendicular. I found this out when trying to install corner shelves.

Finally, the AC is located on the bottom-most part of the furthest-most corner of the living room. It only cools a 2 by 5 foot swath of space.

In my last apartment there were a few things that weren’t really designed well, but at least there was a lot of cross-ventilation, the floors were even, and I could reach 2 to 3 of the shelves in the cupboard.

The more I think about it, the more sure I am that there is something deeper at work here. Perhaps these buildings are a by-product of an acid trip gone bad, or a Zen-like desire to instill in its inhabitants a sense of austerity by way of poor planning.

Maybe then, the solution to the problem is for me to jump into the mind of the person who originally conceived our building. Come to think of it, ‘recreational’ drugs might actually make this place seem normal!


12 Aug

Three weeks from today. That’s when the wedding is. Even though we’ve been trying to keep things small and simple, it still seems that things crop up unexpectedly. I really don’t know how people who plan weddings with hundreds of people do it (or maybe they don’t and that’s what makes it easier???).

It’s not just the planning. It’s also the neverending unpacking and cleaning which is sometimes put on hold because it’s too hot outside or because we’re so busy with other things. Luckily our closets are large, so maybe we can just stuff things away for a couple of days and no one will notice??? (Of course, having said that, I don’t put it past people to peer into our closets now…).

There’s so much I want to do — spin, knit, personal writing, blog, etc., but it’ll have to wait a month or so.

In some ways it’s sad when I hear myself saying “Oh, I just wish Sept. 2 would happen, so that I could rest!”

It kinda takes the excitement out of the whole process.

Luckily, I don’t have any picture in my mind of ‘the perfect wedding’ so whatever happens will be fine with me!