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Goodbye dear friend…

27 Apr

Four weeks ago, admist all the chaos a newborn brings we had yet another thing happen to us. Our cat, Machan, once again disappeared.

She must’ve gotten out in the evening while Doug was watering her cat grass. The first thing we did was knock on our crazy druggie neighbor’s door, since she had taken Machan before. Both she and her son said they didn’t have Machan, but somehow Doug and I felt that she was lying.

We put up a sign knowing that Machan would not go far away and that if she were just in the apartment courtyard, it would be easy for someone to find her and bring her back to us. But we both felt that it was futile, since crazy druggie neighbor is, after all, crazy. (We have since found out that she’s stolen other things from other neighbors, yet no one does anything about it…)

Last week the Humane Society called us. We were so excited — hurray, Machan had been found! 

Doug hurried over to pick her up. When he got there there was no cat by that name, though. After some searching, we found out that she had been found — run over by a car right outside out apartment complex.

We think crazy druggie neighbor lady either dumped her or Machan was so freaked that she escaped and, in a fit of panic, ran into the street. After all, she had been gone for 3 weeks and if no on were taking care of her, she probably wouldn’t have survived really well (I can’t picture her killing enough food). Since this woman had our cat before and didn’t call the number on Machan’s tag, we think the first scenario is the most likely one — that Machan was held captive until this woman decided just to let her go.

I’d had Machan for over 11 years. We’ve traveled the world. She was a true companion. 

I’ll miss her so much.

(This is the best of a lot of really bad pics of the three of us before Machan disappeared. Machan was so curious and interested in Alex and would sit with us whenever I nursed Alex.)


How do they do it?

20 Apr

OK. I’m just wondering how all those newbie mamas out there are able to blog, knit and work! I feel like it’s just enough taking care of kiddo without doing all those other things.

Speaking of which, kiddo just woke up. Whoever said ‘Sleep while the baby sleeps’ must’ve had a really quiet and non-active baby. 

Thanks for all your nice comments! Hopefully one day soon blogging will return to a little more regular schedule.

For the moment, I leave you with what my mom calls “The Three Faces of Alex” (the last being the most common look we saw during the first 5 weeks…).


Alex at 5 weeks…

1 Apr

Wow, 5 weeks. Five of the longest weeks of my life. I know that it’ll go so super quickly from here on, though. Makes me nostalgic already!