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It’d be funny if it weren’t so damn scary….

26 Sep

Yes, these days I’ve taken the few minutes I have to blog to write about political things. This whole campaign from the Obama-Clinton race to now has been steeped with nothing but the best drama one can get for free. Since I don’t have a TV, this has been my entertainment.

Political manueuverings aside, it appears that McCain has already won the debate that he may supposedly attend tonight. Yep, that’s right. He already has an ad prepared that has gotten out in the blogosphere. (Unfortunately I don’t have the time to post it here right now…) Either way he looks really foolish calling the debate off and then calling it back on again. That level of decisiveness is something¬† I definitely want in a leader (<-sarcasm…)

I also love how McCain claims to be helping in Washington when it is his job as Senator! Hmmm. He missed 90% of his votes before but now sees it as imperative to get in on the action? It’s also strange that even though he missed so many votes in DC, according to People Magazine he wasn’t in Arizona much either. Where were you, then John???

I won’t even go into how living in a state next to Canada and across the Bering Strait from Russia is enough to qualify someone for VP. If this is all it takes, then I’d be a shoe-in because I’ve actually lived in both countries not to mention a few others.

What is the most amusing or scary thing about our political world for you right now????


Getting the word out there….

23 Sep

Check out this blog, Women Against Sarah Palin….


23 Sep

PBS is doing an unofficial poll regarding whether or not Palin could be VP.

Two people have forwarded this to me in the past 24 hours.

It’s a small and easy way to get out there and show how awful Palin is.


I couldn’t have said it better…

13 Sep

A friend just sent me this piece called Drill, Drill, Drill by Eve Ensler author of the Vagina Monologues. While my musings about Palin tend to be somewhat cynical and/or tongue in cheek, Ensler writes poignantly about Palin’s beliefs and what they could mean for our country.

Please click on the link and pass this along to all those you know! There are those of us who disliked Palin from the moment we heard her but there are a lot of people out there who are undecided or apathetic. Those are the people we most need to reach!

Caribou, Crabs & Bears oh my!

11 Sep

(This is a seriously abridged list of why I can’t stand Sarah Palin…)

5. Her interior design sense is seriously lacking. I mean can you imagine her entertaining heads of state in the VP mansion with caribou heads, dungeness crab & bear carcasses everywhere? (Photo from Huffington Post.)

4. I happen to like and see a need for natural history museums (where the carcasses of aforementioned animals would seem more appropriate) because I think dinosaurs did exist.

3. Can you imagine what anyone who feels threatened enough to issue a formal statement in response to a comment made by Matt Damon would do if a world leader looked at her crossed-eyed?

2. For Palin, travel abroad means going to the continental US.

1. I don’t trust anyone who thinks that they have an ‘in’ on what God’s will is. In some circles this is called delusional thinking.

From one mother to another…

10 Sep

Sarah Palin,

I can’t get over how you claim to be such a great mother yet you do things that a mother who really respected her kids never would do.

If I had a special needs infant, the last thing I would do is parade him around like a poster boy for family values. Putting your child in the spotlight in this way is crude. It doesn’t take his needs into account at all — it is simply a tool for your own gain.

Getting into a truck without putting your child in a car seat is also a no-no. I mean, you’d think that after having 4 kids you’d know the safety laws by now. Or, maybe you think you’re above the law?

Oh, and your abstinence training so obviously worked. At least you didn’t kick your daughter out of the house, but wouldn’t it have been better to teach her about safe and protected sex? I mean, can you imagine if her partner had had an STD? Condoms would not only have prevented her pregnancy (and becoming a target for the media, since, once again, you have placed your family in the spotlight) but they would also have ensured that whatever she was doing was safe. If you spent more time reading and less time lobbying for earmarked funds and hunting, you might realize that AIDS is a disease that is currently hitting the teenage population hard.

From one mother to another, I think you really need to walk the walk first before touting that you are for family values.

(I usually don’t post about political things in this blog overtly, but I feel that I have to. If McCain wins, there is a real chance that Palin will become President. The thought of this is enough for me to seriously consider moving to another country. The media is not really painting a realistic portrait of McCain’s running mate, mostly because it is owned by 4 major conservative-leaning corporations. The only way to really get the word out about the potential disaster that will happen if McCain and Co. wins is for each and every one of us to start openly expressing our views and exposing the half-truths and cover-ups that have come out as fact since the RNC.)

Our Cutie…

2 Sep

Alex at pool — 24 weeks