Breaking the news…

8 Oct

So this is another piece I wrote a bit ago about telling Doug we were expecting. He has been after me to post it…

Here are just a few scenarios I pictured when I was younger that I might one day use in the future telling the news to my partner/husband that we were expecting (reminiscent of the Hallmark Channel/Hollywood-esque cliché).

Scenario #1

Knitting baby booties and having the husband look up at me and ask what the booties are for. I give him a knowing glance with a sly grin and say, “Well, dear…”

Scenario #2

Interior. Evening. Tall taper candles are lit on the table, three-course dinner is waiting to be served. Husband walks into the apartment.

Husband: Wow, this looks incredible! What’s the occasion?

Wife: Oh nothing, this is just a little something I put together to show how much I love you.

Conversation and banter continue throughout dinner. Dessert is brought out. The wife takes her husband’s hand and says.

Wife: Honey, I have something special to tell you.

Husband: What is it, did you get the new promotion at work?

Wife: No, dear, this is something much more wonderful. (She smiles coyly, looking at him with loving eyes.)

Husband: I can’t imagine what it is. Can you give me a hint?

The wife glances shyly down at her abdomen. Smiles and says…

Wife: You’re going to be a father, we’re expecting!

After a brief moment of shock, the husband jumps up, sweeps his wife into his arms and carries her off into the bedroom.

Okay, in truth I actually never envisioned myself doing or saying any of these things. First off, scenario number one would never work because I’m constantly knitting baby booties, afghans, hats and toys for friends’ and relatives’ babies. The second scenario is just far too cheesy, but one of the books I’m reading actually suggests something like this. Not only would it involve keeping the pregnancy a secret for a bit of time (impossible for me) but it would also mean that I’d have to somehow explain how I would be serving a wonderful dinner complete with meat (which, up until I became pregnant was pretty much a non-existent entity in my diet) but without wine. (Just tell me how a wine lover would explain that one without giving up the game??).

Oh how reality is so totally different!

Here’s what really happened. So far gone from the romantic notions of ‘breaking the news’.

Scenario #3

Interior. Hot humid day. Fans blowing in the background. Katie is in the bedroom looking up information on the internet about pregnancy, eyes swollen. Doug enters living room.

Doug: Hey, I’m home!

Katie doesn’t answer.

Doug places mail on the table. Starts walking toward the bedroom. Katie comes out of the bedroom. Doug looks at her red face – obviously something is wrong.

Doug (concerned): Hey sweetie, what’s the matter?

Katie: I… Well… (She gulps for air). Um…

They are standing on opposite sides of the room. Doug moves closer.

Katie: Um… You know how I said I was feeling really terrible the past couple of weeks?

Doug: Yeah.

Katie: Well… After meeting you for ice cream this afternoon, I went ahead and got a pregnancy test, just in case. And…

Doug: Yes?

Katie breaks into sobs, moves, heaving and crying to the sofa. She seems inconsolable.

Katie: I… I…took the test.

Doug: Oh, you should have waited for me!

Katie: I just wanted to do this alone. So, I took the test… and… (sobs and gasps for air) It’s positive!

Silence. Doug wraps his arms around Katie.

Doug: It’s okay.

Katie: You don’t understand, I feel so guilty. Like it’s my fault this has happened right now! I know we were planning this for later, but… now, just before the wedding???

Doug: Oh sweetie! It’s okay. Maybe this was in God’s plan for us.

It may not have been the most romantic moment in the world, what with red and bloated eyes and tears running down my face. But this was how it happened. No candles, no knitting, just the two of us holding each other on the sofa, awaiting the next challenges this news would bring.


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2 Responses to “Breaking the news…”

  1. Kelly October 9, 2007 at 4:36 pm #

    Aw, now I’m all weepy! You guys are going to be fine, I know it – and that last paragraph is not entirely unromantic, red eyes or not. Sounds like you have yourself a pretty awesome husband there, m’am! Further wishes of luck and happiness to both of you!

  2. juicefairy October 12, 2007 at 4:15 pm #

    I still have a lot to learn about life but one thing I have learned is that no situation ever happens the way you dreamed it up in your youth. However it is usually better! Because it’s real and you have someone to share it with. It may not have been exactly as you would have expected but you will look back and it will be just as special and maybe even a little humorous that you expected it to be different.

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