Helping Out a Fellow Knitter

17 Jul

I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while. One of the women in my SnB group, Allison, just had a darling baby boy last October named Evan. He’s really a wonderful kid, super cute, and the last time I saw him, was the most well-behaved baby I’ve ever met.

On Christmas Evan started getting seizures. Luckily there was a doctor at the hospital who had seen this type of seizure before and could give Allison and her husband some beneficial info. After a long series of tests and trials (not just in terms of the hospital, but also with insurance, etc.), Allison and Jeff found out that Evan has a rare brain tumor called Hypothalmic Hamartoma. This condition brings on a host of problems — precocious puberty, seizures, behavioral problems (rages) and can only be treated by getting an operation. (There is only one hospital in the world that performs the procedure.)

Of course, for any of you who have seen Michael Moore’s movie, Sicko, you are well aware of the costs of even simple procedures. The cost of this one, though, will blow your mind (the last I heard around $200,000, of which 40K has to be paid out of pocket).

So, because the knitting community is so helpful, I was hoping that you all would check out Allison’s blog, read up on Evan’s condition, pass the word along to other knitters, and donate whatever you can. She even has it set up so that if you simply use the google search engine through her website for your searches, a small donation automatically goes to Evan’s health fund.

Another way to support Allison is to check out her on-line store, Supercrafty. She has the absolute best yarn prices around!

Every little bit helps.


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