Birthday Meme

27 Jun

Ingrid tagged me last week for a birthday meme. Here are the rules:

Look up your birthday on Wikipedia and write down 3 events, 2 birthdays and one holiday that happened on your birthday.

My birthday is November 29 and I already knew two famous people born on it — Louisa May Alcott and C.S. Lewis. (Nothing like having a couple of famous writers born on the same day as you for inspiration!)

There were a lot of revolutions and wars on this day in history. Nothing like a little uprising to get you in the holiday spirit I guess. Here are the 3 events that sounded the coolest (and least violent) to me…

1. Thomas Edison demonstrates the phonograph. 1877

2. The Meiji Constitution (in Japan) came into being. 1890

3. Admiral Richard Byrd flies over the South Pole becoming the first person to do so. 1929

I was surprised to find holidays on this day but here is the one I think is the coolest — Albanian Liberation Day.

Will tag in another post after I figure out who hasn’t gone yet…


2 Responses to “Birthday Meme”

  1. ingrid July 4, 2007 at 1:05 am #

    I really liked this meme and I learned some interesting trivia to boot. Thanks for participating!


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