2 Jun

It’s been such a busy week that I have hardly had time to breathe! First there was Stitch N Pitch on Tuesday. Somehow the person organizing the event lost or didn’t get our tickets early on, so we had to run around hunting them down while I was moving & Doug was passing his second kidney stone (poor guy — that makes two in the last two months!). But eventually we got the tickets. We wound up sitting pretty far from most of my SnB friends, but we were near two diehard Dodgers fans — young teenage guys accompanying their mom — behind us who were a riot to listen to… and two really cool SnB friends, Heidi and Johnnie who are really fun. Didn’t get much knitting done, and the Dodgers won, which was cool.

I had one of those bad camera-up-the-nose we’re-taking-our-own-pic-pictures of Doug and me, but he was really upset that I posted it. So here’s one of me that is blurry but has a picture of the field instead. (Ever since living in Japan I’ve hated having my picture taken — could be the fact that everyone is picture crazy there…)

Katie at SnP

We also had plans to go to Utah for Memorial Day weekend to see my brother and his family (planned way before engagement, wedding plans, kidney stones and moving.) It was a fun trip with a small family hike, 1/2 day canoe trip, a family dinner and a trip into Salt Lake City (more about that in another post).

Christina and Naomi

(Sister-in-law, Christina with my niece, Naomi-chan)

Sitting Pretty

(Naomi-chan ‘sitting pretty’)

j&n hike

(My Brother, James, and Naomi-chan)


Cousins at Roosters

(Out to dinner with my cousin, John)

We got back super early on Tuesday morning and I spent the whole day power-cleaning my apartment for the final turning over of the keys on Thursday. Hard to believe that I managed to live in such a small space for almost 7 years. My spinning wheel literally took up half my living room!

28 sunset dining room


living room

Now they’re asking $1400 for this tiny apartment! (It was super expensive at $975 when I first moved in, I thought….)

So, now it’s a lot of unpacking (will it ever get done???), cleaning, catching up on work and adjusting to being inland. Even though Pasadena is only on the other side of LA, it is truly another world!

Just a few months ago I thought my life wasn’t changing fast enough. Well I certainly got what I wished for!


2 Responses to “”

  1. conspiracyknitorist June 6, 2007 at 2:03 am #

    Sweet Jesus! $1,400? I hope there was a fabulous view of something other than a parking lot (that’s what I had at my old apartment).

  2. geckogrrl June 6, 2007 at 4:20 pm #

    Funny you should say that, my view *was* of the parking lot. The main reason why they have jacked up the rent is because it’s a 1/2 block to the beach. But still, $1400 for an almost studio with homeless going through the dumpster (that was part of the ‘view too)?!

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