Finished Projects

19 Mar

It’s coming up to the one year anniversary of my dad’s passing away. For the first month after he was gone, I was pretty out of it — didn’t do much except write for my job, cry and read a lot of books about grieving. Didn’t think I’d take it so hard, but I did.

A month after he died I went to the LA Festival of Books at UCLA with Doug. It was there that I saw the Stitch and Bitch books for $5 each and decided to get them. Before the festival the only thing I’d worked on the year before – 2005 – was a pair of socks — I was too busy trying to figure out ways of staying sane in the last semester of a really stressful job (the unfortunate thing about working at a university is that when you want to give notice, you have to wait for several months to actually stop working) and doing my yoga teacher training. So, fiber was the last thing in my mind last April, but interestingly enough the first thing I gravitated toward in seeking comfort and relief during a really trying time.

So, here’s a list of some of the projects I’ve managed to finish in the last 11 months:

  • Cell phone holder (from SnB Nation pattern Mobile Monsters)
  • Bunny Hat for Naomi (ditto)
  • Felted Purse for my aunt (fromSnB Handbook pattern Meema’s Felted Marsupial Tote)
  • Umbilical Cord Hat (ditto)
  • Two scarves (actually, now that I think about it, three — I frogged and drop-stitched one…)
  • Two pairs of socks
  • Three sets of jewelry — necklaces and earrings
  • Large crocheted afghan for Doug for Christmas (4′ x 6′)
  • Baby beanie+ booties
  • Stuffed Dog toy (from a vintage pattern)
  • Baby Afghan
  • Stuffed Amigurumi bear
  • Gecko handbrake holder
  • Amigurumi no mushi-tachi mobile
  • Baby sweater
  • Crochet Hook case
  • Bikini/halter top
  • Yoga Bag
  • (maybe there are more that I can’t remember since I tend to give things away…)

Projects still to finish:

  • Socks
  • Crocheted Sweater
  • Seaming a bulky sweater (might have to just break down & crochet seams together just so I can wear it this decade)
  • Pair of earrings

Would love to start something new but don’t feel like creating a pattern for anything and would like to clear off at least one or two of my projects so that I feel a sense of accomplishment…

Needle case

(Crochet Hook Case, felted, with needle felting)

Needle case detail 2

(Needle-felting detail)






One Response to “Finished Projects”

  1. Sacha March 20, 2007 at 2:56 am #

    Knitting really helps with emotionally trying situations. It’s like a comfort to come home to, no matter what happens. Since I’ve been playing the harp, I find it equally calming, even if I’m not very good. 😉

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