Adventures in Dyeing — Episode Two

18 Mar

So, my first few attempts at Koolaid dyeing were ok, but nothing to write home (or for that matter, blog) about. I then read about dyeing with food colors which seemed like it would be much more satisfying since I love to mix colors (I paint and also make woodblock prints). In January I bought regular food colors and also the Neon McCormick brand dyes and got to work.This time I really wanted to dye roving so that I could see the color changes as they entered into the twist (also helps me join, since at that time I was constantly breaking my singles with overtwisting).

I don’t know how many ounces I began with (as I only just got a scale today) but I decided to use up the roving I got from my first spinning workshop and I had about 3-4 yards worth left. I wanted to ply two different colorways. I used the plain yellow dye with a little neon green in it for half of the roving and dyed it sun-tea style. I then took the other half and tried a cold-pour method to paint it using two shades of blue/green and a burgundy color. The yellow turned out well and was easy to clean up. The cold-pour didn’t work out as well since the two shades of green/blue ran into each other and the ‘burgundy’ wound up looking like a flamingo (actually the green was a little So-Be-ish as well). It was also hard to keep the dyes from leaking onto my carpet and table, so if I try this again, I’ll have to find a better way, I think

Spinning this yarn was really fun, though! It wound up looking like marshmellow peeps and since I had a little flamingo roving left over, I got about 20 yards two-ply out of it.

Marshmellow Peeps yarn

(Top, Flamingo; Bottom, Marshmellow Peeps.)

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2 Responses to “Adventures in Dyeing — Episode Two”

  1. asploded March 18, 2007 at 12:51 pm #

    dyeing looks like fun! i’d love to try it at some point but right now my very tiny japanese apartment isn’t the ideal place to get too wound up in fiber adventures!

  2. geckogrrl March 18, 2007 at 6:31 pm #

    Yeah, at first it’s hard to manage space-wise. My apartment now is actually smaller than my apartment was in Japan, but I somehow manage to do all of it in a sink or on my windowsill or in a crockpot… Love your socks that you are working on!

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