Naomi’s Sweater

16 Mar

I’ve vowed to do something different and new for each new project. I found this really great website about how to design raglan sweaters at Woolworks. I really like the fact that it is more of a guide than an actual pattern. So, I decided to use up some of the acrylic/cotton hand-dyed yarn I have lying around (pounds of it — bought it when I got back into crochet/knitting — can’t seem to get rid of the stuff) to make a sweater for my niece. I also tried practicing knitting continental-style (kinda like learning to write with your non-dominant hand) on it. I followed the dimensions for a size 4T but it seemed a little small to me and a little bare as well. So I hunted up a crochet pattern in an old stitch dictionary from when I lived in Slovakia and added a crochet border in a ball of Lana Gatto Avana I had in my stash. The pound-o’yarn was a little hard to work with on the sleeves — each decrease seemed to show up, but I figure that it’s okay. Now I only have 2/3 of a pound of that yarn left — argh! (And I have other colorways too — what was I thinking???)

Naomi’s Sweater


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