First spun yarn project

15 Mar

I haven’t really made anything yet with the yarn I’ve been spinning, partly because I haven’t spun enough to make anything substantial, partly because I am curious to try so many things — dying and different fibers — that it’s difficult to buckle down and spin enough for a full project.

Even so, right after I learned how to spin I treated myself to 4 oz of a Merino/Tencil blend from Chameleon Colorworks. I loved the colors and it seemed so silky soft. When I first tried spinning with it, it was still hard for me to spin it fine, so it wound up fairly bulky. Still, I had enough singles (about 50 or more yards) to crochet into a scarf.

I decided to ply the merino blend with a commercial eyelash yarn I had lying around. I wanted something that would show off the colors, but I also wanted something light and fuzzy (without it being fun fur, which is so passe) and something that would be wearable until April or May in the evenings here. At first I thought I’d try knitting it on big needles, but that didn’t work so well. I then switched to crochet with a big hook (size P, my favorite for quick scarves). I worked this up on Christmas Eve in about 40 minutes to wear to a midnight service. This is the final product…

First spun yarn project

I was happy with the way it turned out and have gotten a few compliments on it. When people find out I have spun my own yarn, they totally are amazed, which makes it fun.

After I learned how to whorl — spin really fast — I tried some of the merino again (it’s a little pricey, so I’m waiting til I get better to do more…). This is what it looks like…

cdw yarn

Even though it’s a simple project, I was happy that my first hand-spun project worked out ok. I wasn’t sure about the eyelash, but it worked. Plus, it was great to get used to plying hand-spun with a commercial yarn.


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