Cats and Camels

14 Mar

My cat, Machan, is a little crazy and super neurotic. The main problem is that she thinks she’s human. So, when I started dating, she got extremely jealous. A deep grumble would start in the back of her throat culminating in a growl everytime she saw Doug. Although she’s slowly coming around, she recently started stress-grooming to the point where she had little or no fur on her hind quarters (causing me to call her ‘chihuhua butt’). I tried everything to deter her — anti-itch spray, bitter stuff — after an expensive visit to the vet confirmed that it wasn’t anything other than a psychological problem. Nothing worked, so I was left with only one last option — the e-collar.

E-collars always look so pathetic to me. Everytime I see a pet wearing one, I feel sorry for it. With it on Machan I feel no differently. It hurt me to actually put it on her, I felt like a bad cat-mom, but I had no choice. She wasn’t too happy about it either…

Machan 2

She started pouting and huffing for the first day. She then tried to groom and kept hitting the edge of her collar. It’s so hard to watch, but at least the fur is starting to grow back and she only has another week or so of wearing the collar.

But, I miss her soft fur. When I bought some camel down at the fiber store a few weeks ago, it reminded me how soft Machan used to be (like a chinchilla). Yesterday I got it out, touching it, remembering how my kitty used to also be so soft and spun up a little to sample it. Touching camel down is not quite the same thing as petting my pre-denuded cat, but it sure comes pretty close.


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