Never-ending ideas…

12 Mar

It’s funny how once I start thinking about new projects they tend to grow prolifically — like each one spawns another one, and their offspring add a few more, etc. The only problem I seem to have is having enough time, needles, and spindles to get it all done, but I guess this is natural.

My goal now is to spin enough fiber to make a top. Not a small order — I’ll probably need about 700 yards or so (I’m thinking silk). The thing is I have just one good spindle, can’t afford another one (let alone a wheel!) and I still have the blue and purple singles sitting on it (plying is not the easiest thing for me to get around to). Just like traffic in LA, I have a logjam on my spindle…So, that’s one project on the burner. I’m also in the midst of finishing up a sweater for my niece (tried a top-down raglan), socks that I just started (lace pattern that has got me thinking about creating other patterns), a crocheted sweater (that, hopefully when blocked will be the right size! It’s also lacy and is working up according to gauge but seems a little small), and I need to finish-finish another sweater (have everything but the sleeves sewn together, but every time I sew them they look funky).

But, I’m so happy that my ideas are flowing. When I got back into fibery things a year ago (after a year off) I didn’t have any ideas for patterns of my own (really unusual for me and, a little frustrating). Instead I decided to learn or try a new technique for each project, slowly building my skills and repertoire of things I am able to do. Although I’ve been crocheting and knitting for a while, it seems like before I had stagnated, only doing things that were easy or that took little time. So, it’s cool my ideas are blossoming — I just wish they wouldn’t grow so much while I’m trying to sleep at night!


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