Watch Out! Killer Crochet Hooks

21 Feb

Okay, so today I have jury duty. Not only is this a real pain (particularly since I work freelance and if I don’t work, I don’t get paid), but it’s also an exercise in frustration for my crochet hook, that small innocuous tool that is even TSA-approved

….is considered a weapon.

I was at least hoping to keep my impatient mind under control by having some handwork to do, but, alas, the LA County court doesn’t allow crochet hooks, for, as I was told by the guard, it can be used to stab someone. (Having crocheted for about 20 years, I have, by the way, yet to witness this…)

I guess the fact that a ballpoint pen or the little scoring pencils have sharper points and could inflict much more damage has eluded the people here at the court. When the guard looked at my plastic hook he said “You wouldn’t want someone to stab you in the back with something like this.” Hmmm…. Just looking around me I see so many things that are equally as dangerous, I mean, after all hasn’t Naomi Campbell been arrested for assault with a cell phone? Didn’t I learn in a self-defense class how to use my key (which is much sharper than a hook) as a weapon? (And, just an aside, my crochet hook is so much more innocuous than the cell phone that the obnoxious woman behind me is constantly jabbering away on…)

I guess the court system hasn’t caught up with the TSA in recognizing that fiber artists/knitters aren’t a dangerous bunch. Although we can have more than 3oz. of a drink in here, there is nothing we can use to create and produce something beautiful while we wait to be called for a panel. Maybe the next time I serve (hopefully not for a while!) my hook will be seen by the courts not as something dangerous, but as an instrument of patience, peace, and creativity.



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